Satellite Missions
Made Simple

Future satellite missions require easy access. The SAT.IO platform provides pre-integrated, ready to use tools and services for testing and operations.

Our Solution


Operate 300+ satellites with ease

Satellite missions grow over time. You need a solution that grows accordingly. This applies to the number of satellites as well as the implemented functionality as well as the pricing model. Our tools are designed to operate several hundred satellites with one software.

Satellite operations

All aspects combined

Work with seamlessly integrated tools to fulfill all your operations needs. This means a single source of truth – not a patchwork of tools. Select the applications for your mission needs at any time. All with full API support and a development kit to make scripting your mission easy.

Out of the box

You can start today

With our low entry barrier, you’ll operate your mission sooner, not wasting precious time. We simplify integrating your mission in our solutions with our central mission model. On-board your mission with our tools today!

Your Benefits


You will be 2x faster to market. We speed up your onboarding process, integrating your assets into our system using our innovative mission model editor.

Reduce costs

You will pay 30% less compared to traditional solutions because you will require less experts with our modular platform.

Integrate faster

You will have ready to use tools. This means zero integration effort due to seamless pre-integration across all project phases.

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