Satellite Usage Made Simple

Future satellite missions require easy access. The solutions of sat:io enable reliable and extensible satellite operations and tasking.

Satellites, ground stations, operators and end users:
They all belong to one eco-system

Our End-To-End software solutions target the satellite space segment as well as the ground segment
and provide everything our customers need out of the box.
Our vision is an eco-system that allows our customers to grow, develop and share applications.

Your Benefits

From the beginning

Our tools support all mission phases from spacecraft design to its data downlink and distribution. By starting early to implement a single source of truth, all mission progress is up to date.

Rapidly Adaptable
We do not just provide a framework, but tools that work on the fly. Our tool suite allows activating and using our apps on demand. That reduces the integration effort to a minimum and saves our customers time and money.
Our solution allows billing each tool individually. So, our customers only pay for what they really use. When a project phase is closed, and an application isn’t needed anymore it can flexibly be removed from the payment plan.
Partners & Applications
Our tool suite offers a great selection of solutions from our partners. Any solution can be integrated into our platform. The most important ones come built-in, for example: connectors to ground station providers, collision avoidance, or flight dynamics.
Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise
We understand that a secure and reliable hosting environment, as well as web access are key for our customers. Our customers have full control on the hosting environment. We support any common cloud solution as well as on-premise infrastructures.
Data Safety & Security
Our solution uses cutting edge technologies to guarantee data safety and security of our solution. We offer state-of-the-art encryption and authentication mechanisms protecting your system against unauthorized access.

Our Ecosystem

Our solution is designed to host applications. We achieve this through providing all the necessary interfaces you need to access your system and to get the best out of your mission. While you can develop your own applications to automate and monitor your satellites, we provide in-house applications and applications in cooperation with partners.

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