About us

Our mission started with operating one satellite

While this was teaching us how to operate satellites, we quickly saw limits. The space industry is held back by ancient operation tools and procedures.
We will change that.

The Company

Satellite Missions Made Simple. This is what SAT.IO represents. But it’s not only the simplicity. We see the enormous benefit, new space companies bring. We see upcoming solutions for monitoring climate change, critical infrastructure, or agriculture. They all have brilliant minds behind their own sophisticated visions. They want to support humanity with their solutions. We are driven by helping them.

Operating satellites is difficult and complicated. Especially when it comes to being cost efficient and to survive in a competitive environment. We support space organizations with a modern operating system. We enable them to stay focused on their core business, allowing a sustainable growth. 

The Team

Dr.- Ing. Kai Leidig


Kai graduated in aerospace engineering (M.Sc.) and holds his PhD at University of Stuttgart. He is an expert in operations and ground systems engineering with more than 7 years of experience in academia and space industry. Kai takes over the product management, legal aspects and pushes the technical innovation.

Florian Schilli


Florian graduated in automotive engineering  (B.Eng.) and innovation management (M.Sc.). He has more than 10 years of experience in business development and strategy, financial aspects as well as  investor relations. Florian is responsible for marketing, sales, business development and finance.

Sebastian Wenzel


Sebastian graduated in aerospace engineering (M.Sc.)  and is receiving his PhD at University of Stuttgart. He is an expert in space data systems and payload data processing with more than 6 years experience. Sebastian is responsible for people operations, the SW architecture, development and implementation.

Steffen Gaißer

Steffen Gaißer is an aerospace engineer with over 7 years of experience in satellite technology. He is receiving a PhD in satellite operations from the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart. At SAT.IO he leverages his software development expertise in the field of satellite operations and satellite protocols and plays a significant role in the development of  SAT.IO’s products.