Our Products

We combine all disciplines from different spacecraft project phases in a single tool suite. Sharing resources and using the same design paradigms across all solutions guarantees that our tools work seamlessly together.

Your companions throughout all mission phases







Our Toolboxes

System Engineering Toolbox

Our system engineering toolbox contains everything needed from designing, building and testing satellite constellations. The included tools are integrated into operations and support data downlink.

Testing Toolbox

Our testing toolbox contains everything needed to verify system functions on ground and in space. It supports advanced data monitoring, simulator management and hardware in the loop.

Operations Toolbox

While operating a satellite, the work put into the system finally pays off. Our tools support this important phase with mission control, mission planning capabilities, space environment and flight dynamics as well as a full mission modelling with resource management.


With a fully functional satellite successfully operated in orbit, the next step is automation and value generation. Our application philosophy enables smooth integration of external application into the operations process from the data recording to the market.